PEI Burger Love: The Spicy Player!


PEI Burger Love: The Spicy Player!

What exactly is a “spicy player?” It’s a term used by staff at John Brown Grille when referring to some one who is enthusiastic about a task being performed. With the complexity of this year’s burger garnish, let’s hope for lots of spicy players in the kitchen!


  • 8oz island beef patty
  • crisp onion strings
  • sriracha honey bacon
  • applewood picante aioli
  • havarti jalapeno cheese
  • tomato and lettuce
  • cheese dip
  • potato scallion bun
  • garnished with a bacon kebob. Yes, a BACON KEBOB!

So while the name of our burger really has nothing to do with its ingredients, be forewarned: We’ve added a touch of spiciness to The Spicy Player so it lives up to its name. Enjoy!